Codex of Money

This is NOT the Law of Attraction
  • Need to make more money?
  • Need to make more sales?
  • Need more leads?
  • Need a better job?
  • Want to find love?

Does it seem like others have all the "luck"?

Good news, you can easily change your life through math and science (No wishing!!)

The Codex of Money is a proven simple mathematical scientific formula for increase that will change your life forever

The Codex of Money will literally give you that "Ah-Ha" moment you have been searching for

This is the same Formula that pulled me out of homelessness and into my dream life  

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The Codex of Money is a simple mathematical formula for increasing your potential to make money, find love and happiness. 

What the Codex of Money is NOT 

  • This is NOT a "Secrets to Riches" E-Book 
  • This is NOT a Self-Help E-Book
  • This is NOT the Law of Attraction
  • This is NOT a Pyramid Scheme
  • This is NOT a Biz-Op Promotion

There are NO "Up-Sells" you will be instantly directed to the download page

There is NO "Opt-In" we are not collecting email addresses 

What You Will Get in the Codex of Money

The Codex of Money is a short easy to read E-Book on basic marketing and the simple proven mathematical formula that has made many people very rich (this is proven within the e-book).

Ideas, options, and strategies on how to make more money, and increase your life, to include finding love.

The Codex of Money is the mathematical formula for increase, it works in all aspects of life. This E-book can be read in an afternoon, and will change your life forever.

Apply the Codex formula and change your life now!

All payments are processed securely through PayPal. The download is instant, no up-sells. 

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This is copyrighted material and cannot be copied, sold, given away, or redistributed in any form or fashion. I do not have an affiliate program, but I might be willing to sell the rights to this. Just leave a comment expressing interest.

Refunds; Due to dishonest people who want to buy things then demand a refund, no refunds can be made on this downloadable digital product with the exception of verifiable proof that the formula does not add up, I will give them their money back. This is science and math, numbers do not lie. One must take action in order to make anything happen.

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