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Would You Like to Have an Educated American do Content Writing for Your Blog at an Outsourcing Rate?

  • Did you know that posting great quality content can boost your search engine rankings?
  • Do you know that Google is not ranking keywords like it use to, and you can overdo it?
  • Did you know that bad grammar, poor spelling, and mis-use of keywords can hurt your search rankings?
  • Do you know that having quality, informative, and relevant articles posted to your blog on a consistant basis can boost your search rankings tremendously?

Hello, My name is Randy Baith. I am an American with a formal education in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Communications (Marketing).

I am a Webmaster, Writer, Internet Marketer, and Business Consultant. I also happen to be living in the Philippines.

What does all that mean to you?

  • It means that I can provide you with great content writing services at an outsopurcing rate. My team of qualified writers can write content that speaks to an American, or other English speaking audience.

  • It means that all topics are researched to give your reader the best information available on the topic.

  • It means that all articles are written with the flow necesarry to the article type.

  • It means that you will only recieve the highest quality of content writing for your website or blog.

  • It means that Google will love you, and your articles will withstand the never ending changes that Google makes.

All articles are reviewed and/or edited by me before submission to the client, and are guarenteed to be 90-100% unique. 

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Please visit my main website for more information.... or contact me at

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